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What is the difference between marriage and engagement?

Although some people may use “engagement ring and wedding ring ” indifferently; both are not the same. An engagement ring expresses the intention to marry, and a wedding ring is worn only after the knot.

What is a product tag?

The tagging plan. What is it for?

How do I set up a chatbot?

Chatbots aren’t new. But many companies are just beginning to discover their benefits for digital marketing and customer service. In addition, tools like Manychat or Chatfuel open up new ways to create bots with little effort that can do much more than just a greeting and getting rid of some wooden questions.

How do you recognize a chatbot?

WhatsApp chatbot instead of Facebook messenger chatbot? At first, chatbots were primarily on Facebook Messenger. WhatsApp chatbot is now on the rise worldwide and especially in Germany. You can find out why this is the case and why a WhatsApp bot makes sense for corporate customer communication in this article.